This course is for you if you want to:

  • Make Your Communication
    More Effective

    Visuals help your audience memorize your message, improve your credibility, and positively impact decision-making.

  • Convince Your

    Learn how visuals can help you translate text- and data-heavy content into easy-to-grasp concepts that sell.

  • Grow Brand

    Start creating infographics and social media graphics in minutes. Expand your brand presence online with low effort.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Introduction to Visual Storytelling

    • Introduction to Visual Storytelling

  • 3

    Introduction to Content Structure and Typography

    • Content and Content Structure

    • Content and Content Structure Quiz

    • Typography and Fonts

    • Typography and Fonts Quiz

    • Creating a Typography Poster in Piktochart

  • 4

    Introduction to Color Study

    • Creating a Color Scheme

    • Assigning Colors

    • Assigning Colors Quiz

    • Creating Color Schemes in Piktochart

  • 5

    Introduction to Iconography

    • Choosing Icons

    • Choosing Icons Quiz

    • Using Icons in Piktochart

  • 6

    Introduction to Data Visualization

    • Visualizing Data

    • Visualizing Data in Piktochart

  • 7

    Introduction to Photography

    • Choosing Photos

    • Using Photos in Piktochart

  • 8

    Introduction to Layout Design

    • Designing a Great Hierarchy

    • Layout Design Quiz

    • Modifying Layout Orientation in Piktochart

  • 9

    Exam and Recap

    • Learning Recap and Summary

    • Final Assignment

About this course

Sarah Kim


  • Self-paced

  • Downloadable

  • Certificate of

Each section of the course introduces you step-by-step into the world of visual storytelling.


  • How do I get the certificate?

    You'll receive a certificate after you've completed the course and your final assignment. Upon submitting the final assignment, the team will examine your solution and decide if you have passed. The Piktochart team will then issue the certificate and sent it via email within five working days. If you do not receive your certificate in the given time please reach out to [email protected]

  • Can I finish the course without taking the final assignment?

    Yes, you can complete the course without the final assignment. However, it is required for issuing the certificate.

  • Do I need to have a Piktochart account to complete this course?

    You are required to complete the final assignment in Piktochart. Go to and sign up for a Free Piktochart account or log into your current account.

  • Is the Certificate of Completion accredited?

    The certificate is not accredited. The Certificate of Completion is not the same as a degree program or a software certification program.

  • Can I sign into the Piktochart Academy using my Piktochart account login credentials?

    No. You are required to sign up for a separate account to enroll in any courses of the Piktochart Academy.

  • What if I change my mind and want to drop the class?

    There is no timeline for you to complete the course. However, if you choose not to complete it, we cannot hand out the certificate of completion.

  • What do I do when I need help?

    If you are having technical issues accessing the course or platform, you can check out If the articles don't address your problem, you can reach out to [email protected]

    However, if it's course material, assignment, or Piktochart account-related, you can reach out to [email protected]

  • How will you use the data provided during course registration and assignment?

    Your information will be held and used by Piktochart to register you for this course and to communicate regarding your final assignment. We might contact you via email with information about other learning resources, products, and services that we offer.

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